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Heartfelt Comments from Certified Resource Sorter Course Participants

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Today marked the very first certification round for the above course. A very special event because this is just the beginning of how we will all operate in the future.

Hosted by Sime and his team, Annie from Naylor Love, attended by Tanya from Auckland Council with the support of Mark and Steve from Council also - and the amazing trained Resource Sorters who received certificates for their commitment, working towards a "Zero waste to landfill by 2040" in Aotearoa.

1. This has been a great learning process, becoming aware of the environment, considering that almost everything can be re-used or re-cycled creating new product. This is why it is important that each piece of waste is being well classified in the corresponding container. Using this recycling process, we gradually contribute to the environment.

By Estelia Soto (LE)

2. I enjoyed taking my new knowledge home to share with my grandkids. They now sort out rubbish, which is encouraging them to think more about this which can only be good for the next generation. They love doing it, and they love earning some cash to sort out rubbish at home.

By Maria Morunga (LE)

3. By doing the course I am motivated to start early and think of the next generation to come. It has helped me sort out the on-site areas that I am working on.

By Waisake Lutunauga (Naylor love)

4. It was an eye opener, when sorting out rubbish into their areas and the way the rubbish was going into making different materials. With the resource sorting, I will continue to do it at home.

By Marc Kirkham (LE)

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