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Recent graduate shares benefits of the course

Tracy Triegaart from Watts Group has successfully completed the Resource Sorter - Construction training course, focusing on on-site waste sorting.

“Having gone through the program, I believe it has been a pivotal step in my professional development journey,” said Tracy.

“The course provided me with the essential tools and insights needed to better support on-site workers in the critical task of waste sorting,” Tracy added.

By delving into diverse waste categories and highlighting the significant role of efficient waste management, Tracy mentioned the course expanded her understanding of environmental sustainability and operational effectiveness.

Tracy further added, “Armed with this knowledge, I now feel confident in guiding and educating workers on optimal waste segregation practices, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable approach to waste management.”

“I would recommend this to all construction companies seeking to deepen their understanding and become champions for effective waste management on-site.”

The course not only equips individuals with practical knowledge but also emphasizes the broader impact of responsible waste management practices.

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